Full Version: Crashing vshare, and downloads are gone or restart
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till troubling

When i open Vshare, and start downloading, it says that source may be changed. That problem is well known here on the forum. But the thing that bothers me the most, is this;

I open vshare. And start downloading 2 files of 500 and 1gb filesize.
Cause of the slow downloadspeed, i dont want to sit next to the ipad, and wait for 12 hours. I put my ipad away, without putting it standby/sleep. I also installed insomnia, and enabled it. My download were at 60%, and Vshare crashes. When i reopened Vshare, i noticed that the files in th 'downloading'section, had a progress of 0%. pausing and resuming, shows the correct status of 60% sometimes, but then turns back to 0%. this way you can never,ever complete a download, when vshare is crashing randomly, and also corrupting the files in the downloading section, where it shows 0%.

i wished this problem would have been fixec by update number so many. I am using
Ipad 3, and ios 5.1.1 and 12gb of free space? I doubt it, but does anyone has a tiny bit of a solution? Or shall we wait for the next unsolving crashy update?

To becontinued.
Downloading big files at a slow download speed is a risk even in computers, and once a download is corrupted there is nothing you can do about it, even pausing and resuming are not going to fix it for you, all you can do is start a fresh download.

The only type of downloads that doesn't get effected by long download time and can never be effected be the constant pausing and resuming is torrents downloading, but even though, torrents has their downside as well, as a torrent without any seeders will never get downloaded.
No offense, i am happy with Vshare, but i was downloading at high AND VERY SLOW speed with installous, and these were big files. I also using Appcake, with good speed, big files and no closedowns ( well, not so many as vshare). The only bad thing about Appcake, is the links to the files, are most of the time Depositfiles or Turbobit, wich shows spamscreens, and errors, So i was searcing an alternative for Appcake.

I am comparing my downloads with Installous and Appcake, wich were also big files and quite high speed ( depends on the source ) but i havent experienced even one download, wich went smooth.

I was downloading a file ( 300 dwarfes ) for 8 times now. I tried it with Appcake now, and it is finished. So i read your post about it is impossible to download slow speed, with big files, seems correct on this app, but how is it possible that the other apps didnt have this problem. Appcake works fine, but sometimes i get commercialcrap instead of a download screen, but 80% of all downloads went good. I was hoping that Vshare was the same or maybe better, but it is not.

Again, no offense. Im happy with all the effort, wich they put in this site, but
It looks a bit buggy
At a time, vShare was actually better than Installous, as vShare has a download speed that reach up to 400kb/s, but when Installous was gone a lot of its users started using vShare as an alternative, and that caused a sudden overload on the server and it was hard to download anything, any way, recently the server got upgraded and the bandwidth got increased, but it seems that there are too many people using vShare at the same time, as even with the server upgrade vShare is still not the way it was.
Ok, i understand. That also causing the app to shutdown, and restarting the
Download from 0%? Thnk you for this info. I understand now. Hope this will be fixed, if possible
You see the problem is that with too many users from various countries, I think that the server reach its peak several times over the day, and once it reach its peak then the download becomes difficult, and there is no fix for that, as the developer can't just keep increasing the bandwidth over and over again, because that will cost a lot of money.
sorry for the answer is too late.

there are three points.
1.I fixed a bug on iPad. This bug may made vShare crash if keep vShare in active status for a long period. Please try to re-install vshare from

2. Download speed too slow. We are try our best to improve this. Our admin are tuning the new server and the new bandwidth.

3. Download restart from 0%. I agree this problem is very annoying. Mostly, the server returns the right file information, vShare can resume the downloading. If the server is too busy or other reasons, maybe return the wrong file information, vShare will delete the temp download file and re-start download again. After the new sever is ready and stable, this situation should be solved.
So that means that the server upgrade is still in progress, good to know that, as I thought it is was already done, that is why I was sad that I'm still having downloading problems, well, keep up the good work Smile
We monitor downloading everday and tune the configuration step by step.
Hi, Im a new member of this forum, i have been using the vshare app since december, i have also been experiencing the above problem, but has neglected checking for updates for i am still using the ipad 1. (thinking it has something to do with this models ram or something) im currently running an ipad 1 with 64gb on a 5.1.1 with my internet always being on 3g.. (my 3g can go up til atleast 3-4mbs..) . This app has been a great help to me and i would like to give a big thumbs up to the developers. I will try the suggested fix above and will try to give a feedback as i know that user feedback is very valuable to you guys.. Big Grin thanks and more power!
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