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hi all
as there is such a large amount of users that is currently using vshare and most of the users are english speaking and its some of there first language
please can the applications be default to english and there after a selectionof other languages

please there so many amazing games etc in chinese and unfortnatlly i dont speak or read chinese.
please make the apps and games in english and there after im most certain your user data base will increase in matter of minutes once the platform is english ..

all the best guy and vshare rocks !!! thank you Vshare and all who is apart of vshare ! keep it rocking !
If you got vShare from the right place, then its default language should be English, that is why you should get vShare either from the official website ( ) through Safari, or from the official repo ( ) through Cydia, if you got it from somewhere else, then you should remove the one you have, and then install it through one of the mentioned ways.
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